Preparing For Your Visit

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We will ask your family veterinarian to FAX us copies of your pet’s medical records before the day of your appointment. Please obtain copies of X-rays and results of other tests performed by your veterinarian that cannot be sent to us by FAX.

On the day of your appointment, please do not feed your pet for 12 hours before your appointment time. Your pet should always have access to water. Some patients, such as diabetics and puppies and kittens, should not have food withheld, therefore please call us to discuss this if this applies to your pet or if you have questions. Medications should be given on time as previously prescribed by your family veterinarian. You may give medications with a very small treat.

Please bring the bottles of all medications that your pet is currently receiving, or has recently finished. If you cannot bring the actual bottles, please write down the names of the medications, the strength, concentration, and the frequency that the medications are being given.

If your pet has been referred to us for a kidney or bladder problem, please do not allow them to urinate for four hours before your appointment. It is important to not let your dog urinate once they arrive at our hospital if they have been referred for a urinary related problem. For most urinary problems, it is important that your pet be examined with a full bladder. Also we may want to obtain a urine sample for analysis.

Please arrive at your appointment 15 minutes early so that patient registration and permission forms may be completed. Alternatively, download the form below, complete it at your leisure, and turn it in when you arrive.




DownloadDownload the New Patient Registration Form