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Outpatient Ultrasound Services Savannah Veterinary Internal MedicineSavannah Veterinary Internal Medicine & Intensive Care offers outpatient ultrasound services for your patients.

This service is ideal if your patient needs an abdominal ultrasound to complement the workup that you have already performed, but your client does not need to consult directly with one of our internists.

For this service, your client brings their pet to our facility at a scheduled appointment time. One of our RVTs will greet your client, and bring their pet into our procedure room where the ultrasound will be performed while your client waits. At the conclusion of the ultrasound, the pet will be discharged with the owner, and one of our internists will call you directly to discuss the results of the ultrasound, make further diagnostic or treatment recommendations and to provide a general case consultation to you. A written ultrasound report with recommendations will then be faxed or emailed to you.

Outpatient ultrasound appointments are available Monday through Friday. Same-day appointments can also be arranged for patients with urgent concerns.

Please call us if you would like one of your patients to have an outpatient ultrasound, or to expedite the referral process, please fill out and fax a New Patient Referral Form to us.