Environmental Initiatives

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Oak TreeRecycling bins are available throughout our facility for paper, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum. We purchase medications in environmentally-friendly packaging when available, and minimize that packaging when possible. All shipping materials and empty medication containers are ultimately recycled.

We power down our medical diagnostic equipment and computers each night to save electricity. Lights in unused rooms and hallways are dimmed or turned off when not occupied.

We have installed and maintain a computer server to store all of our patient medical records in electronic format. This reduces paper use as well as physical storage space which would need to be air conditioned. Some paper is inevitably used during a patient’s care (e.g. ICU treatment flow sheets), however, when a patient is discharged from the hospital, any paper records are scanned into the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR), shredded and recycled.

Patients that are admitted to the hospital have a temporary folder to hold various results and treatment sheets, but when the patient is discharged from the hospital, this folder becomes available for the next hospitalized patient. Only ten folders have been used for the first 250 patients seen at our practice since installing our new EMR system!