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Our practice resides within The Hospital for Specialized Veterinary Care which is a multi-specialty, technologically-advanced, 24-hour veterinary facility. Separately owned and managed veterinary surgical and veterinary oncology practices share the facility, allowing for collaboration with other board-certified specialists when our patients need it.


Savannah Veterinary Internal Medicine & Intensive Care is located in midtown Savannah at 335 Stephenson Avenue between Abercorn Street and Waters Avenue, north of the Olgethorpe Mall.

Hospital SignThere is also an emergency practice within the facility that provides after-hours (nights, weekends, holidays) walk-in veterinary emergency services. The emergency service supports our practice by performing after-hours treatments and monitoring of our hospitalized patients, and by keeping our specialists updated as to any changes in our hospitalized patients’ conditions after-hours. The continuously staffed facility also provides a resource for our patients currently being treated on an outpatient basis, when questions or concerns arise while continuing to recuperate at home.

The portion of the building that clients normally see is deceiving as to the overall size of the facility. Beyond the lobby, the building opens up into a 9,000 square foot, recently renovated hospital that houses a variety of technologically-advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment all readily available whenever our patients require it.

Hospital Room     Waiting Room

We are very proud of our facility, the work we perform and the care we provide to our patients. During your visit with your pet, if you would like to see more of our facility, we will be happy to show you around.