Endoscopic Biopsies

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During any endoscopic procedure, biopsies of the lining of organs, or of masses, polyps or any other abnormality can be obtained. This is performed by passing a long biopsy instrument through the inside of the endoscope and advanced to the area that is to be biopsied. The end of the biopsy instrument looks like a tiny alligator mouth, and small pieces of tissue can be pinched off (biopsied). The biopsies are small and only minimal bleeding occurs. Patients are anesthetized during this procedure so there is virtually no discomfort. Endoscopic biopsies are considered minimally invasive and offer an excellent alternative to surgically-obtained biopsies. Biopsies are submitted to a veterinary pathologist for evaluation for cancer, infection or inflammation.

This short video clip was taken during an endoscopic biopsy from within the stomach of a cat