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Diagnostic imaging allows the visualization of the interior of the body through noninvasive (or nonsurgical) means. A variety of advanced imaging equipment is available within our hospital that allows internal organs, bones, blood vessels, tumors, fluid and foreign objects (items not normally found in the body) to be seen without discomfort to the patient. The collection of equipment found in our hospital, including computed tomography (CT), digital radiography and ultrasonography, is not available in any other veterinary hospital in the Savannah region.

Each piece of equipment is used for a unique purpose, with their results being complimentary to, and not a substitution for one another.

Digital radiography is superior at visualizing bones, ultrasonography excels at visualizing the structure and details of abdominal organs and CT scan is used to produce very detailed map-like images of specific portions of the body.

When your pet is evaluated at our practice, it is very likely that we will utilize one or more of these imaging tests in the search for the cause of your pet’s symptoms.