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Dogs and cats have species specific blood types and a blood typing procedure determinations what type they are. This is important before giving a patient a blood transfusion because giving a patient a transfusion with blood from an incompatible donor can lead to serious and sometimes fatal reactions.

Blood Cross Matching
Pictured: The cross-matching procedure

Cross-matching is a procedure that determines if a patient can receive blood from a specific donor animal. This is a second step after the blood typing procedure and is important to perform in any patient that has previously received a blood transfusion.


All of our patients have their blood typed prior to receiving a blood transfusion from our blood bank. Patients receiving repeated transfusions will routinely be cross-matched to specific units of blood.

Your pet may need a blood or plasma transfusion if your veterinarian has determined that your pet is anemic or has other serious organ dysfunction such as liver failure.

Blood Typing

Blood Typing


Left: The blood typing test running
Right: The results of the typing test