Ultrasound-Guided Aspirate/Biopsy

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An ultrasound-guided aspirate is a procedure where an organ or abnormality within the chest cavity or abdominal cavity is visualized with ultrasound to guide insertion of a small needle into the area of interest. A small amount material is then suctioned into a syringe for analysis.

An ultrasound-guided biopsy is performed similarly, but instead of a small needle, a biopsy instrument is directed into the location of interest and a small biopsy (piece of tissue) is obtained. Samples of aspirates or biopsies are sent to a veterinary pathologist for analysis. This procedure is used to detect inflammation, infection, and cancer within areas of the body.

Your pet may need an ultrasound-guided aspirate or biopsy if your veterinarian has told you that there is an abnormal growth (mass or tumor) within the abdomen, chest or in a difficult place to visualize such as under the skin.