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Dog receiving medicationDiagnosing diseases in dogs and cats is only a small part of what we do. Once a patient has been diagnosed with a specific condition, and often even during the course of a diagnostic evaluation, advanced and often life-saving treatments are needed. Our practice is uniquely qualified to treat the most critically ill pets of Savannah.

Staffed continuously by veterinary specialists, emergency veterinarians and veterinary technicians, your pet is never left unsupervised or unattended throughout their hospitalization. 

During overnight hours and on the weekends, our internists supervise the care of your pet through telephone consultations and updates with the on-duty emergency veterinarians within the facility.

Any changes to your pet’s treatment orders are made with the input and oversight of our specialists.

MedicationsThe hospital pharmacy is stocked with a wide assortment of intravenous, oral, and other injectable medications immediately available for our hospitalized patients. Many different pharmaceuticals are available in anticipation of our patients’ ever changing needs. We maintain close relationships with veterinary distributors, local compounding pharmacies and even local human hospital pharmacies, which provides us almost immediate access to uncommon and less frequently used medications not routinely kept in our pharmacy.

In addition to our pharmacy, we maintain a feline and canine blood bank within the hospital. The common blood products needed for our critical patients are stocked in the blood bank and are available 24/7 should your pet need them. These items are also made available to the veterinary emergency clinic and local veterinarians for use in their patients.

We understand that it is stressful when your pet is away from home, in unfamiliar surroundings and healing from illness or injury. We want to assure you that, while in our care, your four legged family member has immediate access to the most advanced and continuous treatments available in the region.