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Canine and Feline Blood Plasma Transfusion at Savannah Veterinary Internal MedicineSavannah Veterinary Internal Medicine & Intensive Care maintains a canine and feline blood bank for use in our own patients, as well as those of local veterinarians. Blood products, including packed red blood cells and fresh frozen plasma, are purchased from a national pet blood bank facility. All units of blood and plasma are typed to determine the donor’s blood type and screened for a variety of infectious diseases to ensure the safety of the transfusion recipient.

Blood transfusions are given to pets that have low red blood cell counts (anemia) caused by any number of diseases. Plasma transfusions are typically given to patients that are experiencing liver failure, bleeding disorders, pancreatitis, heart stroke victims, and other serious, systemic illnesses.

Blood and plasma transfusions are given intravenously, typically over an infusion period of 2-4 hours.

During the infusion period, the ICU technician will frequently monitor the patient’s
vital signs and other parameters to ensure that there are no adverse transfusion
reactions occurring.

The blood bank is available to our patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even if your pet is not hospitalized in our facility but needs a transfusion, your veterinarian may obtain blood or plasma from out blood bank to be given to your pet at their hospital.